Student Services is the primary place for students to access a variety of day-to-day support in the High School. With the assistance of Mrs Baggaley, students can access practical ways to assist them with their academic, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  From the submission of subject selection forms, ordering SmartRider cards, to getting an ice pack, or getting in touch with our pastoral care team, we aim to support students in their whole school experience.
Through Student Services, parents can communicate with the College regarding absences, student concerns and request meetings with teachers and Heads of Year. Students who are unwell, students who need to communicate with parents or wish to seek help from their Head of Year, or the College Chaplain can do so through the Student Services office.

Our Heads of Year, Chaplain and Student Services team want every student at the College to feel safe and seek to support their holistic development and growth.