These are distributed to students and parents at the beginning of Term 4 each year.

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Included in the booklists, Austin Cove Baptist College has produced subject specific workbooks for most subjects to assist students with their learning. These have each been itemised under the subject area with a cost.

Teachers have compiled workbooks which have been tailored specifically to the Western Australian content descriptions and they will form an integral part of students’ learning in each subject. We have chosen to produce and use these workbooks instead of asking parents to purchase commercial textbooks.

By allocating the time to compile these workbooks, it ensures that teaching is consistent across year levels in all classes and allows the College to put together suitable content to represent the College values.

As an additional benefit to parents, the cost of these workbooks is significantly less than the cost of textbooks. While most texts cost around $80, these workbooks are either $15 or $30 per subject (some subjects will have 2 workbooks).

All workbooks are mandatory, with the exception of a few elective courses (Food and Textiles) where they will only need to be purchased if those subjects are chosen by your child.