Extracurricular Events

The Arts

Austin Cove Baptist College currently offers the following co-curricular Arts programmes:

  • A whole school production
  • A Music night
  • An Arts showcase night
  • Drama club each week after school


  • Year 7-12: Swimming: Interhouse and Interschool
  • Year 7-12: Cross Country: Interhouse and Interschool
  • Year 7-12: Athletics: Interhouse and Interschool
  • Year 7-9: ACC Sports, including soccer, netball, ultimate frisbee, basketball
  • After school training


Leadership opportunities

Students are encouraged to be involved in the following leadership pathways to promote and develop student voice and to encourage shared decision making with issues that impact them at the College:
Student Representative Council, House Captains, Sport Captains and Peer Mentors.
Further development is available through our Applied Christian Education program, Rite of Passage program (Year 9), Primary School Mentoring program and various external workshops.

Social Events

One of the aims of the College is to provide students with an opportunity to unwind through fun and positive experiences. Social events for every year group take place once a term. Information regarding the social events will be communicated to parents/guardians and students. There will be a small cost for these events and parent consent is required. 

Different year groups participate in different socials, these include Laser Tag, the Year 10 River Cruise, Year 12 Ball, Beach socials and many more. 

Although these events are not compulsory, we encourage participation as it provides the opportunity for staff and students to connect on a social level, helping to build friendships and a sense of community.

Extracurricular Events

Canberra Trip

Every year we give students the opportunity to go over to Canberra and New South Wales to experience Australia's Political and War history. Students from years 9 to 11 are invited and start the tour by spending time at the Australian War Memorial, Parliament House and the Museum of Australian Democracy, amongst other locations. After touring Canberra, the group heads up into the snowfields of New South Wales to enjoy the opportunity to experience snow and learn how to ski for several days. Overall the experience is well received and is often a highlight of the year. to: It is a great time for students and staff to experience some of the history and beauty of this awesome country. 

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