Child Protection Policy


Austin Cove Baptist College promotes a safe, caring and positive community in which all students are welcomed and cared for. The College maintains that all students have a right to be protected from harm on school property and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of a comprehensive Child Protection Program designed to keep children safe.

It is the responsibility of staff to care for students and this responsibility may extend to responses regarding the identification of possible sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect. (Department of Education: Child Protection Policy Updated 2012)

Child Safe Standards

The College’s commitment to child safety is based on the Standards found within the Royal Commission’s Creating Child Safe Institutions (2016) which guide the development and regular review of our strategies, policies and procedures, systems and processes to protect children from abuse.

These Standards are as follows:

1.     Child Safety is embedded in institutional leadership, governance and culture.

2.     Children participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously.

3.     Families and communities are informed and involved.

4.     Equity is upheld and diverse needs are taken into account.

5.     People working with children are suitable and supported.

6.     Processes to respond to complaints of child sexual abuse are child-focused.

7.     Staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills and awareness to keep children safe through continual education and training.

8.     Physical and online environments minimise the opportunity for abuse to occur.

9.     Implementation of the Child Safe Standards is continuously reviewed and improved.

10.  Policies and procedures document how the institution is child safe.

Read more about our Child Protection Policy here:

Child Protection Policy 

Healthy Eating (Primary)

All schools should promote and model healthy eating and good nutrition in school programs and activities relating to or involving food and drink.

With the increasing awareness as to the effect of sugar on general health, and in many cases, children’s behaviour, it is important that the Primary School has a clear and consistent policy on how we address this issue. In addition, in line with the school’s Health Curriculum, some advice and counsel to parents on curbing sugary and preservative-laden foods in children’s lunches and snacks may also be appropriate.

Read more about our Healthy Eating Policy here:

Healthy Eating Policy (Primary)

Behaviour Management

The Charter of Goodwill is the central focus of discipline and self-discipline for each student of the College.

Every student and teacher has the right to:

  • Learn or teach free from disruption.
  • Be treated courteously and with respect.
  • Be free from any form of discrimination including verbal and physical abuse.
  • Work in a clean, safe and healthy environment.
  • Have their property and equipment respected and cared for.

Austin Cove Baptist College is a school that values commitment to Courage, Persistence and Respect.  This means that students show care, consideration and respect for others at all times.  They are required to uphold the standards of the College in personal demeanour and in academic and sporting endeavour.

Students should take pride in their uniform and general appearance.  Students are expected to conduct themselves with self-respect continuously using appropriate manners and consideration towards others.  Appropriate manners and speech are an expectation and include common courtesies such as please and thank you, addressing people by name, respect for those members of the community who are older and those in authority.  Students are always expected to assist others where practicable and be helpful to visitors to the College.

Respect for the College, its buildings and equipment, as well as the general environment, means that students will treat all of the College resources with respect, take responsibility for preventing waste, loss, damage, destruction and defacement.  It is expected that any area of the College or any area visited by College students would be left clean and in good condition.

It often requires courage to be respectful of these expectations and involves a great deal of persistence to continually maintain these principles.  The end result is that students are being trained to be self-disciplined.  They learn to take responsibility for their own actions in a caring community and make others feel welcome and safe within that community.

Every student has the right to the best possible education that they can obtain at Austin Cove Baptist College.  If a student is disruptive in class, they are not only disadvantaging themselves but are disadvantaging other members of the classroom.

There are many ways that students are encouraged in normal College life to be well disciplined.  These include:

·  Teachers showing genuine interest in each student in their care.

·  Praise and encouragement given.

·  Awards such as merit certificates, CPR stamps, CPR certificates, prizes and trophies.

·  Acknowledgement to peers during class, at Year Assemblies and Whole School Assemblies and award ceremonies.

Read more about our Behaviour Management Policy here:

Behaviour Management Policy


Bullying Prevention

Austin Cove Baptist College’s approach to bullying is proactive across three categories:


Austin Cove Baptist College is intentional and relentless in its drive to alleviate bullying whilst providing sound support structures for victims of bullying.

All staff of the College have a deep awareness of their duty of care to students and work hard to maintain a safe and non-threatening environment where everyone can flourish.

Bullying Prevention Policy 



Bus Usage

Students need to be mindful of their behaviour both inside and outside the College. They are expected to uphold the College Core Values of courage, persistence and respect and the code of behaviour at all times whilst they are in school uniform.

The College code of behaviour is summarised in the College Affirmation.  Students are to be respectful to all those around them at all times.  This includes being respectful to other students (no matter what year level), bus drivers and employees of transport companies that service the College, as well as the general public.  Students are reminded that everyone around them should also feel safe, therefore behaviour that is aggressive in any way such as swearing, bullying or intimidation is a violation of the College behaviour standards.

Students should be aware that TransPerth buses are fitted with CCTV cameras and a visual record of their behaviour is available for the College to view at any time.  Drivers on the country bus services are obliged by their employer to report incidents of poor student behaviour, including swearing and vandalism.  Any breach of the College rules or general rules of the bus companies may result in Infringements or Outside Send-Outs.

Our aim at the College is to have a safe, caring, respectful and positive environment. This includes travel to and from school. We understand that not all of our College students catch the bus on a regular basis however we ask all students to complete the form below upon enrolment at the College in order to cover those unexpected times when a student may need to use the bus services.

Code of Conduct (Primary)

Code of Conduct (Secondary)

Complaints Procedure

Guidelines for Complaints Procedure (Parents)

Austin Cove Baptist College is a community and as such there will be times when parents will wish to make suggestions, may have a complaint or raise a concern that needs addressing. Austin Cove Baptist College takes these issues seriously and welcomes such feedback. The complaints system is outlined briefly below to assist families should such a need occur. Please remember it is our policy that we wish to deal with issues sooner rather than later.

A complaint will be treated as an expression of genuine dissatisfaction that needs a response. We wish to ensure that:

  • Parents wishing to make a complaint know how to do so

  • We respond to complaints within a reasonable time and in a courteous efficient way

  • Parents realise that we listen and take complaints seriously

  • We take action where appropriate.

Guidelines for Complaints Procedure (Students)

Any problem, complaints or suggestions
If so, the school would like to hear.

How do I make a complaint?
By talking about it or by writing it down if you find that easier. You can do it by yourself, or through your parents.

To whom?
To anyone on staff.

Does it matter what the issue is?
No, it can be a big problem or a small problem. By discussing it you may come up with some positive ideas.

What will happen next?
If possible, the staff member will deal with it in person. If not, he or she will go on your behalf to someone who can help.

Do others have to know?
If you are worried about confidentiality, tell the staff, they will understand.
Even if you find the issue hurtful or embarrassing, do not worry, it will only be discussed by staff who can help you.

Complaints Procedure

Complaint Policy 


The College computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other ICT equipment/devices bring great benefits to the teaching and learning programs of the school and to its effective operation.  The Internet is an excellent resource for research and communication; however, there is material on the Internet that is objectionable and inappropriate for research or general use.  ICT equipment and devices can also be used in a manner that is detrimental to individuals and the community. For these reasons there need to be measures put in place to guide the use of the Internet and ICT equipment at Austin Cove Baptist College.

The College aim in this matter is to create and maintain a culture of Cybersafety.  This culture of Cybersafety must be in keeping with the College values as well as legislative guidelines and professional obligations.  The College ICT is for educational purposes; teaching and learning activities appropriate to the school environment.  This applies whether the ICT equipment is owned or leased either partially or fully by the College, and used on or off the College site.

It is a requirement to use the College ICT equipment and devices that the Cybersafety Code of Conduct is signed and returned to the College (this typically occurs upon enrolment).

Code of Conduct (Primary)

Code of Conduct (Secondary)

Electronics and Mobile Phones

The College recognises the fact that there are times when it is genuinely appropriate for students to carry mobile phones to and from school in case of emergency.  Whilst at school contact with parents or by parents needs to be made via the phones in Student Services. 

Students may also prefer to listen to music whilst travelling to and from school by bus.  It is not necessary, however, for students to have access to MP3 players and other electronic devices, including mobile phones, during school hours.

The College reminds parents and students that electronic devices and mobile phones are expensive items and are often a highly prized target for theft.  It is advisable for expensive electronic devices and mobile phones to be insured as personal property.  Mobile phones can also be a means of intimidating or bullying others.

For this reason, mobile phones and other electronic devices are collected by teachers during the morning Form period and returned during the afternoon Form period.  Each student is given a padded post bag in which to store their phone and other devices.  This bag must be clearly labelled with the student’s full name.  The bags are then locked away for the day for safekeeping.

Code of Conduct (Primary)

Code of Conduct (Secondary)


Study and Homework

At Austin Cove Baptist College, we believe that home learning is a valuable aspect of the learning process and it contributes to the development of sound study habits. Some students regard home learning as work set by the class teacher which is due to be checked by that teacher within a given time frame. However, home learning should be viewed as learning activities of any sort that take place outside of the class contact time.

Learning is enhanced through the provision of opportunities to review, reinforce and apply what has been learned at school. Home learning also enables parents to become aware of what students are studying at school and monitor student ability in various areas of study.

Homework Policy


College Uniform

Austin Cove Baptist College has a uniform code which states that all students who attend the College will be required to wear the correct College uniform in a neat, clean and well-presented manner.  All students are required to wear the uniform in a manner which is a credit to both the student and the College.

This uniform policy is seen as contributing to:

i.     Improving morale, community spirit and pride in the College.

ii.    Ensuring that students are safely and appropriately dressed for College activities.

iii.   Encouraging equity amongst students and therefore reducing rivalry.

iv.  Identifying non-College students/children who may be visiting the College campus.

v.   Fostering and enhancing the public image of the College.

All items of the College uniform are available through the Uniform Shop with the exception of shoes.



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