Our Mission

Our Mission

College Aims

Based on the model that has been so effectively developed in all Baptist Colleges, Austin Cove Baptist College seeks to achieve three foundational aims.


Excellence in Education

At Austin Cove Baptist College, we strive for excellence in education. We believe that all students need to develop, produce and express themselves to the level of their potential regardless of varying interests and abilities.

We will provide the framework, opportunities and motivation for students to be able to reach the peaks of their own personal success and to experience the joy that comes with being the best that they can be.


A Safe, Caring and Respectful Environment
Austin Cove Baptist College aims to offer a safe, caring and respectful environment which provides students with an opportunity to learn free from distractions and intimidation.


Awareness of God
Austin Cove Baptist College seeks to present excellence in education within a Christian context by providing opportunities for the school community to become aware of God and to grow in a Christian environment.