House Structure

These 'House Names' acknowledge individuals who exhibited courage, persistence and respect and made a positive impact on Australian history.

Bradman (Green)
Sir Donald Bradman (27 August 1908 - 25 February 2011)
Sir Donald Bradman, often referred to as 'The Don' was an Australian cricketer widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. Bradman's career test batting average of 99.94 has been claimed to be statistically the greatest achievement in any major sport.

Flinders (Blue)
Captain Matthew Flinders (16 March 1774 - 19 July 1814)
Captain Matthew Flinders was one of the most successful navigators and cartographers of his age. In a career that spanned just over twenty years, he sailed with Captain William Bligh, circumnavigated Australia and encouraged the use of that name for the continent. He survived shipwreck and disaster. He identified and corrected the effect upon compass readings of iron components and equipment on board wooden ships and he wrote what may be the work on early Australian exploration, 'A Voyage to Terra Australis'.

Simpson (Red)
John Simpson Kirkpatrick (6 July 1892 - 19 May 1915)
John Simpson Kirkpatrick was a stretcher bearer with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during the Gallipoli Campaign in World War I. After landing at ANZAC Cove on 25 April 1915, he obtained a donkey and began carrying wounded British Empire soldiers from the frontline to the beach, for evacuation. He continued this work for three and a half weeks, often under fire, until he was killed. Simpson and his donkey are a key part of the 'ANZAC legend'.

Cuthbert (Gold)
Betty Cuthbert is an Australian athlete, and a four -fold Olympic champion. During her career, she set world records at 60 metres, 100 yards, 200 metres, 220 yards and 440 yards. Cuthbert also contributed to Australian relay teams setting world records at 4 x 100 metres, 4 x 110 yards, 4 x 200 metres and 4 x 220 yards.

Betty Cuthbert Quotes:
"I realised from a very early age that God gave me a gift... and I wanted to use it to the best of my ability"
"The integral part of being a star is having the will to win. All the champions have it."
"You've got to stick at a thing, a particular thing, until you succeed. I feel that's the only way to succeed - by concentrating on something in particular. Once you know what you've got to do you will succeed, you will succeed."
"My parents always encouraged me... we were always taught to respect things and other people."
"My salvation was a free gift. I didn't have to work for it and it's better than any gold medal that I've ever won."