Summary of Registration Report

Summary: Renewal of Registration Report

Governance and Accountability
The Governing Body for the College, Austin Cove Baptist College Inc, is a not-for-profit association registered with the Department of Commerce by a Certificate of Incorporation.
The Austin Cove Baptist College Inc constitution vests the management and control of activities, business and affairs of the College to a Board. The Austin Cove Baptist College Inc and the Board have the same members. Austin Cove Baptist College Inc and the College are in association with Baptist Schools WA and Australian Baptist Education.
The constitution and supporting governance documentation are satisfactory for the purposes of the School Education Act 1999 and minutes of recent Board meetings were provided with examples of principal reporting to the Board on the student learning and curriculum matters.

Student Learning
Direction for teachers is provided through the policy and procedure documents for the
Review of Student Learning and the Analysis of Student Leaning. Together these documents provide an overview of assessment requirements and describe Principal, Deputy Principal and Head of Learning Area (HOLA) roles in overseeing assessment in Primary and Secondary Schooling. The documents also articulate the expected student assessment regime for each term by year level, including the test types such as Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) in Reaching, Comprehension and Maths, Waddington Diagnostic Spelling, the South Australian Spelling Test, PM Benchmark, Words Their Way and Burt Reading. These tests, with data from the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) for Year 10 students and school bases assessments, inform the planning for teaching and learning at whole-school, year, class and individual student levels. Discussion with teachers and observations of the College computer system confirmed their commitment to these policies and procedures.
A strengthening of student performance was apparent in 2014, indicating that whole-school processes for curriculum planning are having a positive impact. In 2016 staff will be able to analyse the Western Australian Certificate of Education performance of the current Year 12 students who are the first to graduate from the College. A School Improvement Plan describes ethos, motto, core values, education philosophy, and aims to develop students physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Reflection against sections of the National Schools Improvement Tool informs curriculum planning. Separate School Improvement Plans are established for Primary and Secondary education providing direction for quality teaching and learning, empowering school leadership, meeting student needs, and transparency and accountability. Discussions with College staff confirmed the commitment to the implementation of the Australia Curriculum and the NQS for early childhood education. Significant planning and staff professional learning has occurred and staff reported that implementation timelines would be met.

Austin Cove Baptist College structures and processes are consolidating to ensure leadership of the curriculum, policy direction for staff, and processes that enable teachers to collaborate to plan teaching and learning programs. The curriculum is delivered within a Christian context, and provides ‘opportunities for children to achieve their God-given potential’. The School Curriculum Plan, Australian Curriculum Yearly Overviews, together with the College Academic Policy, describe a philosophy that underpins curriculum delivery, and provides a general overview of curriculum expectations and learning programs for Kindergarten, Pre-Primary to Year 2, Years 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6. The documentation includes scope and sequence for each subject year level. Inclusive education policies and procedures (Primary and Secondary) provide direction to staff on expectations relating to education provision for those students requiring teaching and learning adjustments.
As mentioned previously, the College is well positioned for effective implementation of the NQS for early year’s education. The Principal and Deputy Principal (Curriculum) have completed NQS auditor training. Staff have attended relevant professional learning, and have reflected against the standards to inform the development of the Quality Improvement Plan, Interviews with sample Kindergarten to Year 2 staff indicated their knowledge of the NQS and commitment to implementation. The College is meeting expectations associated with the implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum. Staff reported the positive impact of this implementation on their planning and curriculum delivery.

Level of Care
Evidence from Board minutes and discussions with school leaders and the Board
Chairperson indicate that regular reports from the Principal and Deputy Principals on student performance and curriculum are presented to the College Board. Evidence from College documentation and meetings with staff confirmed the processes and structures that have been established to provide a healthy and safe learning environment for students. A comprehensive range of relevant policies provides direction for staff on pastoral care, student safety and inclusive education. The core values of Austin Cove Baptist College: Courage; Persistence and Respect are integrated into the school curriculum. Classroom visits confirmed the positive learning environment of the school and the positive relationships between students, and staff and students. The physical environment of the College, albeit in temporary accommodation, is well maintained and adequate to provide for the broad curriculum offerings. Principals, Deputy Principals, Head of Learning Areas, the Chaplain and Heads of Houses provide support for student social and emotional needs.
Policies relating to student welfare are well established including policies for pastoral care, child protection, implementation of Protective Behaviours, equal opportunity, and discrimination and harassment. The Mandatory Reporting Policy, as it relates to non-mandatory reporting (e.g. by non-teaching staff), is to be reviewed to provide greater clarity, and include a flow chart.

Financial Management
The audited financial statements for 2014 were provided for the renewal of registration process along with associated budget documentations.
The Board Chair advised that the proposed new site would allay some of the previously held concerns by parents considering potential enrolments and that the stability of the proposed new site and a slowly developing local housing expansion would mean the College was on track to achieve a total enrolment in excess of 900 by 2020.
Staff and Management Comments
Austin Cove Baptist College has relatively low staff turnover and has employed staff as the enrolment has increased. The College’s policies on Staff induction, Appraisal and Professional Learning are comprehensive with a very strong theme of improving the quality of teaching through comparison to the AITSL standards, peer coaching and observational techniques being utilised.

Physical Environment
The current Austin Cove Baptist College site has accommodated the growing student population in classroom settings that are adequate for teaching and learning.
The proposed new school buildings will also be better able to meet requirements for the NQS for Kindergarten to Year 2 and specialist requirements. Additionally, the proposed new site will be larger and can accommodate a variety of play and sporting options that are currently limited by space at the current site.
The College has met all requirements for its current site including approvals, maintenance schedules, vehicle licensing and maintenance, Occupational Safety and Health processes and risk audits covering traffic management.

Legal Compliance
Observation made during the renewal of registration process confirms Austin Cove Baptist College endeavours to be compliant as required.

Concluding Remarks
Having reached capacity in terms of the full complement of year groups Kindergarten to year 12, Austin Cove Baptist College is about to undergo another major event in its short history with the first Year 12 group to graduate in 2015 and the transition of initially the Secondary students to the proposed new school site for the commencement of the 2016 school year. When the Primary transition is undertaken for the 2017 school year it will mark a new chapter for the College’s growth and development. The College leadership and staff have handled the growth of the College very well and have established a strong ethos and culture that will transfer with students and staff to the new site. Maturity has meant that staff have adapted practice and tailored learning programs to meet the needs of students. A feature of the College is the strong pastoral care approach and attention to the diverse learning and emotional needs of studentsSummary of College Registration Report


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