Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management

The Charter of Goodwill is the central focus of discipline and self-discipline for each student of the College.

Every student and teacher has the right to:

·  Learn or teach free from disruption.

·  Be treated courteously and with respect.

·  Be free from any form of discrimination including verbal and physical abuse.

·  Work in a clean, safe and healthy environment.

·  Have their property and equipment respected and cared for.

Austin Cove Baptist College is a school that values commitment to Courage, Persistence and Respect.  This means that students show care, consideration and respect for others at all times.  They are required to uphold the standards of the College in personal demeanour and in academic and sporting endeavour.

Students should take pride in their uniform and general appearance.  Students are expected to conduct themselves with self-respect continuously using appropriate manners and consideration towards others.  Appropriate manners and speech are an expectation and include common courtesies such as please and thank you, addressing people by name, respect for those members of the community who are older and those in authority.  Students are always expected to assist others where practicable and be helpful to visitors to the College.

Respect for the College, its buildings and equipment , as well as the general environment, means that students will treat all of the College resources with respect, take responsibility for preventing waste, loss, damage, destruction and defacement.  It is expected that any area of the College or any area visited by College students would be left clean and in good condition.

It often requires courage to be respectful of these expectations and involves a great deal of persistence to continually maintain these principles.  The end result is that students are being trained to be self-disciplined.  They learn to take responsibility for their own actions in a caring community and make others feel welcome and safe within that community.

Every student has the right to the best possible education that they can obtain at Austin Cove Baptist College.  If a student is disruptive in class, they are not only disadvantaging themselves but they are disadvantaging other members of the classroom.

There are many ways that students are encouraged in normal College life to be well disciplined.  These include:

·  Teachers showing genuine interest in each student in their care.

·  Praise and encouragement given.

·  Awards such as merit certificates, CPR stamps, CPR certificates, prizes and trophies.

·  Acknowledgement to peers during class, at Year Assemblies and Whole School Assemblies and award ceremonies.


Behaviour Management Policy

Secondary Life

2018 Senior Prize Night

Recently parents, staff, and senior students gathered to watch their peers receive awards and recognition for good work well done at the Senior Prize Night.


2018 Year 12 Ball

This years graduating class recently attended their Year 12 Ball. It was a fantastic night and the students looked amazing. Teachers got in on the fun and some wonderful memories were made.


2018 Swimming Carnival

It was a great day at the MARC for the 2018 Senior Swimming Carnival. Staff and students had a ball as the fierce, but friendly, faction rivalry inspired all. As usual, the BBQ was fired up for lunch and students swam before a packed parent gallery.


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Senior Campus Growth

The Senior Campus double-story block is now finished and comes complete with a lift. The new block features large classrooms, science labs, Food Tech, and Workshop Training facilities. Its just a part of the exciting ongoing growth plan at Austin Cove Baptist College. You can see the building project from start to finish in the gallery below.


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