Learning Journals

Learning Journal

Each week as part of the homework in Core Subjects students will be instructed to complete a Learning Journal.  This part of the homework is best completed over several nights for about 10 minutes at a time.  The Learning Journal is a tool to help students remember what has been covered in class and to help with revision for tests and later for exams. 

The following are guidelines for completing a Learning Journal:

Step 1

Read through the pages completed in class in the last one to two days.

Step 2

Carefully make notes (summarise) the work covered in those one or two days.  This only needs to be a few short points (usually 5-10 points).

Step 3

Read back through the notes and highlight the most important information.

Steps 1 and 2 can be done in a few minutes on one night.  The next night can be spent highlighting and revising these points.  If this task is completed on a regular basis, it will only take a few minutes. 

The Journal will then contain all the major information needed for revision for tests and exams; of course more study is always needed before a test or exam but this will make it less stressful.  The completion of the Learning Journal on a regular basis will help students to remember the topics studied in class.

See how The Learning Journal works HERE

Secondary Life

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Senior Prize Night

The Senior Campus Prize Night was recently held at Lakes Theatre in Mandurah. It was a great night of music, entertainment, speeches, and awards as we celebrated our champions and farewelled our Year 12 Graduates.


Second Storey Lift

Its not everyday you see a classroom take to the skies however, after much preparation, the second storey on the latest secondary classroom block has been lifted into place. After the modules have been secured stairs and rails will be fitted, and then work on the interior fitout will commence.


YohFest Success

The Amazing Mr Steve Capener and his gifted Dance and Drama students recently took on the best from colleges across the State, and managed to secure an Incredible TWO places in the 2017 Yohfest finals! Well Done everyone!


The Three Musketeers - The Last Crusade

It was another incredible college production this year at MANPAC... The Three Musketeers - The Last Crusade!


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