A wide range of practical subjects are on offer in the Technologies department.

Years 7 and 8 study one digital technology (Information Technology) and one design and technology (Food Technology, Textiles, Woodwork).

In Years 9 through 12, students are able to choose from a range of technologies courses, with ATAR and General options, as listed below.


Year 7 Food Technology

Year 8 Food Technology

Year 9 Food Technology

Year 10 Food Technology

Year 11 Food Technology ATAR

Year 11 Food Technology General

Year 12 Food Technology ATAR

Year 12 Food Technology General

Year 7 Information Technology

Year 8 Information Technology

Year 8 Materials

Year 9 Materials

Year 10 Materials

Year 8 Textiles

Year 9 Textiles

Year 10 Textiles

Year 8 Design and Technology

Year 11 Design: Technical Graphics

Year 12 Design: Technical Graphics