Academic Platform

Academic Platform

Academic Overview
In providing a smooth and unified education system, there will be a variety of courses on offer for secondary school students. These will cater for individual abilities and interests and equip students for the ever changing and specialised world that they will enter as they leave school. This academic platform will allow Austin Cove Baptist College students to experience success and help them compete in specific areas of excellence.

The curriculum will focus on the eight learning areas.

The following areas form the basis of the curriculum: English, LOTE, Science, Mathematics, Studies of Society and Environment, Physical and Health Education, Design and Technology and the Arts. Within these Learning Areas there are a variety of Courses including Woodwork, Materials, Food Technology, Sports Science, Physical Recreation, Circus, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Backstage and Production, Media, Visual Art and Drama.

Information Technology will be incorporated into all Learning Areas.

Academic Philosophy

Work Hard: In school, smart kids do not always finish first. It often comes down to commitment and hard work. So we encourage students to not forget to work hard.

Infuse Urgency: Most students only work hard a few days before an assignment is due, because that is when it becomes urgent. We teach our students to break up assignments into smaller pieces, infuse urgency into the small tasks and get the work done on time.

Never Give Up: Courage is not the absence of trials, it is the conquest of them. Winners are those who push through when times are tough, when everyone else is giving up. That is when success is the sweetest, so we encourage students to never give up.

Academic Structure

The Deputy (Curriculum) and Heads of Departments coordinate the curriculum content and assessment processes across the College within the Education Departments Curriculum Council framework.

As many students at Austin Cove Baptist may enter university at the completion of Year 12, the College has a curriculum that extends and enriches students throughout Years 7 to 10, through exposure to curriculum content above the standard year level.

Head of Learning Areas

Mr Kyle Baggaley TBC Mr Stephen Capener Mr Kea Levison Mr Hudson Servina Mrs Kerrie Williamson
Head of T & E Head of English and HASS Head of The Arts Head of Mathematics Head of Science Head of Physical Education 

Year 11 and 12 Subject Gridlines

Year 11 Subject Gridlines

Year 12 Subject Gridlines


Secondary Life

2019 Swimming Carnival

The Austin Cove Baptist College Secondary School Swimming Carnival was a great day out for all recently, at the Mandurah Recreation and Aquatic Centre.

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Student Photography

Photography Students learn all aspects of framing, shutter speeds, lighting, composition, and how to get the best from their camera. Check out some of their amazing work below.


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